ArduPilot display

Anything related to the ArduPilot branch of the firmware
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ArduPilot display

Post by uphiearl »

As most of you know I did the ardupilot display mod with the help of others.
Ardupilot changed how they send data down to the ground station some time ago.
It used to be in plain text. Now it is in a format called ??????. (I forgot what it's called)
If I show the new format could someone help on the decoding at the er9x side ?

I went back to school at 65 years old and have been a little busy. Trying to become an astrophysicist. One semester down now with a 4.16 GPA.
So far so good! Only had public speaking and astronomy so far. I am sure the hard stuff is yet to come.

Glad to see the new forum...,.keep up the good work.

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RE: ArduPilot display

Post by erazz »

If you bring it we will code :)

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Re: ArduPilot display

Post by murban »


There's a firmware fork that already integrates the MAVLINK communication:

Maybe this can be integrated back into er9x to not duplicate efforts.

I understand that adding the MAVLINK stuff is a tight fit and some things got thrown out - so maybe this is more for the ersky9x board?

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Re: ArduPilot display

Post by LuftKatzen »

Using gv9x how would you go about wiring your telemetry radio into the 9X. As in which two wires connect from the telemetry radio to the board, I've got power covered and everything is on a common ground. Am I going about this the right way?

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