T16 can only boot to bootloader

Cant get your radio to work? General Hardware issues?
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T16 can only boot to bootloader

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How to Clean Wood Floors Properly
According to Mark Wahlberg - an author of Ceiling Fans Living, hardwood floors become murky due to dirt and grime buildup from frequent foot traffic. If you have pets, dust bunnies are likely growing on a daily basis. Putting aesthetics aside, maintaining clean floors is essential for your safety and health.
Wood floors can become slick from a tiny layer of dust or debris, creating a fall danger. Asthma and other respiratory disorders are brought on by dust and dust mite accumulation.
How Often Should Wood Floors Be Cleaned?
Hardwood floors should be gently cleaned a couple of times a week. Mop your wooden floors once a month (or more frequently if needed) to give them a great cleaning and sheen. Select a convenient time to clean hardwood floors to save annoyance and additional work. The ideal time is when there won't be as much foot traffic, such as when everyone has left the house.
Detailed instructions
Dust or sweep your floors every day
Use a broom or microfiber dust mop for simple, daily upkeep to remove any dust, filth, or crumbs that gather throughout the day. This will lessen the likelihood of scratches on your floors.
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Clean up on the spot right away
As spills occur, clean them up. Wet spills "will dull the finish and attract additional dirt" if they are allowed to dry on the floor, according to Forté.
Spills should be quickly blotted with an absorbent cloth. If you happen upon an area that needs a fast touch-up, use a paper towel wet with water to clean it, then wipe it dry.
Every few days, vacuum
Vacuum your hardwood floors every few days, depending on how much traffic they receive in your house. Canister vacuums are the best for hardwood floors since they come with an oval, long floor brush that can be used to get into nooks and crannies.
Wet mop as required
It's time for a deeper clean if you see any filth, grime, or food spills that are difficult to remove with sweeping or vacuuming. Use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray to wet clean floors that have been surface-treated.
Clean a tiny area about three feet by three feet with the cleaner, then use a microfiber mop to remove any dissolved dirt. One tiny section at a time, go around the whole floor and clean it.

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How to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean
When you use these suggestions to keep hardwood floors clean from the start, you'll thank yourself afterward.
Place floor mats outside and inside-outside doors to reduce tracked-in dirt.
Establish a boot removal space during wet or snowy weather to prevent water and deicing products from causing damage to floors.
Keep a cleaning cloth or tiny towel hidden away near the door to easily clear up wayward puddles on wood floors, in addition to a place to sit and a place to put shoes.
When entering the house, take off your shoes even if there isn't a chance of rain to prevent bringing germs, filth, and dirt inside with you.
Scratching-causing heels and cleats should be left at the door, especially if you have hardwood floors.
Use floor protectors beneath furniture and place area rugs in play areas to keep children's toys from leaving scratches on hardwood floors.

How to Maintain Hardwood Floor Quality
Taking care of the material and avoiding over-wetting are the greatest approaches to maintaining the finest possible condition for your hardwood floors. "Flooring surfaces like vinyl, laminate, and parquet are typically non-porous but also (generally) not waterproof," Bradley explains. "These surfaces look like wood but aren't wood and can 'hold' grease and grime more than a wood surface." Always use a cleaning solution designed particularly for the surface to prevent harm.
Even while solid or engineered wood floors that have been properly sealed are the most resilient, they nevertheless need special maintenance to maintain their excellence. "Avoid too much water and always use a gentle cleaning solution formulated for wood," Bradley advises. "Cleaning formulas made for laminate or vinyl or general all-purpose cleaners are too harsh for the wood floor."

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