Turnigy 9x (128 AFHDS 2A) protocol settings for IA6B and binding loss

er9x is the best known firmware. It has a superb range of features and is well supported by the community. Well worth trying out.
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Turnigy 9x (128 AFHDS 2A) protocol settings for IA6B and binding loss

Post by neogeo78 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:32 am

Hi gents, Mike,

I am folloing the developement of your software since many years now. Many thanks for the efforts you spent!

Some years ago, I stopped the hobby and sold many of my stuff unfortunately the Taranis, too.

Some weeks ago, I decided to get back into the hobby and ordered a Turnigy 9x Mode 1 (128/AFHDS 2A version) from HK for around 40$ (Mode2 Version was around 65$) because i thought it would be a good and cheap restart TX, which will need some modifications and force me to understand how things work together.

I managed to convert it to Mode2 easily and installed the backlight and modified the RF module to be replaceable. After this I managed to solder the ISP into and flash er9x onto it (first 821, now the latest Prov822q testversion I found in this forum). The TX Module is working well with the IA8 Receiver which was included in the Transmitter delivery. Additionally I have two IA6B receivers.

Here comes my problem. As the IA8 is working well, since I changed polarity in protocol settings, I know, that more or less all seems to be ok. But with the IA6B receivers I am not able to get a servo to move (both did work with the stock firmware of T9x). Binding seems to work, as the flashing LED stops flashing and the receiver reacts when I switch of the TX (LED starts flashing slowly when receiver is off and returns to on if TX is switched on). I am not able to find more information on the other protool settings with regard to the IA6 (signal length, channel setting etc..) Does anybody has information what to enter to get IA6B work with er9x and the original AFHDS 2A TX module of the T9x?

The second problem is, that if I bind another receiver to the module it loses the first bound. I have read about this issue and it seems to be a problem of the "not so god" HK module and there might be no solution, but if anybody knows a solution, please tell me.

In a few days I expect the delivery of a JP4IN1 Module because I still have some FrSky receivers from the past, which I want to use.

I wonder if I should wait for the new Multi TX module and give it a try or if there is a solution for the original one. (impatience after so many years of abstinence from this hobby :-) )

Best Regards

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