Different Telemetry Graphic?

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Different Telemetry Graphic?

Post by Durahl » Sat May 23, 2020 2:42 pm


Because of how infrequently I use my RC Models ( https://imgur.com/zp3hFxS.jpg ) I tend to forget what each Switch on my Horus X12S does so I thought about adding an additional Telemetry page without either the Top Bar or Trims thus having it display an as large as possible picture of the Remote with notes indicating what each Switch does at a glance - Ya kno'... Easy access to it by just hitting PgDn/PgUp on the Remote.

Problem is though that the Bitmap is, by default, select the Model image without the ability to change it to another?
Am I missing something on how to change that Bitmap to anything that is not the predefined Model Image?

Thanks in advance,
Durahl =)

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