New X9d+ SE 2.3.0 (2a05543a) question, now what?

Hardware help and support for the FrSky Taranis
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New X9d+ SE 2.3.0 (2a05543a) question, now what?

Post by MrClean » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:15 am

I have an old Taranis. I like my old Taranis but I wanted to update the sticks and I wanted the Haptic feedback and I wanted to have an antenae that I can swap and I wanted a transmitter that I hadn't melted the little posts to hold the switches in already with no hope of melting them again. So I bought a new Radio from Aloft.

I've done nothing to it other then put the lipo in it and charge, set the date and time, calibrated sticks/switches. I did try to set up a model and noticed that Companion isn't there. Then again, I remember I had to load that once upon a time. Now I've been out of the loop really since my grandchildren started coming and my old radio has been doing fine for the limited amounts I could use it, so I'm not up to date with what level of software is safe to up load or whether compaion is still there and danged if I can't find the info for whatever reason other than for the past 5 years or so my Google Fu has frankly, stunk.

What downloads do I need to get? Can I still get that ladys voice commands on this radio? is the OpenTXU info still applicable. Could someone have told me that the better part of my receivers won't work with this radio? The youngest of course was about 5 years old anyways, well not counting the one I just bought and sent back do to buying this radio the week after.

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Re: New X9d+ SE 2.3.0 (2a05543a) question, now what?

Post by rdeanchurch » Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:09 pm downloads.
Has downloads for Companion for your PC and SD card contents. SD card contents brings the sounds and the wizard for setting up new models on the tx.
Amber (one of the Lady's voices) sounds are available but I can't find the URL. maybe
X series receivers will work. D and V series receivers require an external module such as the iRange.

Documentation is for 2. not upgrded to 2.3 to my knowledge, but most things are the same.
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