Increase Y-axis Print-Bed Travel (CR10 3D Printer)

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Increase Y-axis Print-Bed Travel (CR10 3D Printer)

Post by bob195558 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:51 pm

Mod to increase the Y-axis Travel of the CR10 3D Printer.

Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_b.jpg

There is a need to increase Y-axis Print-Bed travel when
upgrading to the Tough Direct Heatsink with Tough Extruder
and Tough All-Metal V6 Hotend. ... d-package/
Tough Extruder  with V6 Hotend_n14.jpg

When mounting the Tough Heatsink Extruder V6 Hotend, the position of
the Print Nozzle is moved about one inch out from the X-axis rail
(toward the front), which causes a loss of being able to print at the
rear area of the Print-Bed.

Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_c.jpg
After looking at several possible options I chose this solution to correct this problem.

Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_d.jpg
1) Removed the front Y-axis belt Pulley Bracket Assemble.

Y_axis L Bracket_e.jpg
2) Manufacture a L-shaped Bracket (about 3.57mm thick) to be mounted to the front rail of the CR10 Printer.
a) Drill two hole (5.56mm Dia.) for mounting the bracket to the front rail (use two 5M x 8mm bolts with M5 Hammer Head Drop in T Slot Nuts).
b) Drill and tap two holes (5M) and then use two 5M x 8mm bolts.

Y_axis U Bracket_f.jpg
3) Manufacture a second U-shaped Bracket which will hold the Pulley-Assembly and mount to the L-shaped Bracket.
a) Drill holes for the Pulley-Assembly, about 4.2mm Dia. (M4 x 34.96 bolt).
b) Make two slots for M5 x 8mm bolts, which will be used to make the proper Y-axis Belt-Tension.
Y_axis L and U Brackets_g.jpg

Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_h.jpg
This mod will allow the Print-Bed to travel over 1" further (25.4mm).

Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_i.jpg
Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_J.jpg
Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_m.jpg
Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_n.jpg
Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_k.jpg

Y_axis Pulley-Assembly Bracket_o.jpg
Note: When I was manufacturing these Brackets, I did them in a hurry
and you can see my drill hole placements are not clean.
I decided not to remake new ones because these will work just find.
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