openTx has introduced a range of new features, ideas and bling. It is fast becoming the firmware of choice for many users. openTx will run on ALL current hardware platforms, including the gruvin9x and sky9x boards. Work has already started to support the new FrSky X9D radio!
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Post by micka » Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:45 am

can anyone pleas help me, i have the horus 10s express, with open tx on
i can’t work with it , and i have had a black screen and “emergency mode “ twice now .
i want to go back to frsky system, it has sd card in
( i don’t know if he backed it up when putting opentx on )
i’m a bit thick as far as computers go so a step by step would be amazing
please don’t point me to video on youtube as tried to follow, i don’t even know how to find out if he backed it up on sd card ( i will ask him )
yours hopefully

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