OpenTX version 2.3 Discussion Thread

openTx has introduced a range of new features, ideas and bling. It is fast becoming the firmware of choice for many users. openTx will run on ALL current hardware platforms, including the gruvin9x and sky9x boards. Work has already started to support the new FrSky X9D radio!
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OpenTX version 2.3 Discussion Thread

Post by pafleraf » Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:15 am

Good morning everyone!

As we are moving forward towards the 2.3 release, more tests are needed. As of now, all the supported targets have been opened to the nightlies and it seems we already have something working quite nicely.

There are still a couple of minor things to come, but the binary format is now settled, Companion and all the radio firmwares should be working with it (including proper conversions from 2.2.x). The times have come to now fix everything we can find and finalise the release.

As this is still in beta state, it is a good idea to backup everything you have on 2.2 before testing on the 2.3 branch. For those already on nightlies (new radios), doing backups is still a good idea, so you can always revert to the previous working state in case something slips through the QA.


Please remember that you have to configure "Use nightly builds" in Companion (Settings / Application settings).

ACCESS support on X-Lite Pro and X9 Lite
  • Support up to 24 channels on ACCESS modules when using ACCESS protocol
  • Spektrum analyser and power meter on compatible ACCESS modules
  • New registration and bind mechanism for ACCESS devices
  • Support for OTA updates for upcoming compatible hardware
  • Fix TIMEHOUR handling on 128x64 screens
  • Telem 1 to (40/60) items added
  • Lua mix scripts outputs added
  • Fix DIY first ID to 0x5100
  • Introduction of virtual navigation keys
  • Fix for Negative GVAR precision (Thx Elecpower)
  • Add receiver number to model list (Thx Elecpower)
  • Add Japaneese translation (Thx Ku2works)
  • Latency for existing XJT modules (internal or external) has been significantly improved
  • Support for Neuron lines ESC telemetry
  • Support for .frsk firmware files. Those contains identification of target hardware, preventing flashing wrong device with wrong firmware type errors
  • Due to an FrSky bug in Bluetooth modules, BT radio names have to be in lower case only
  • Taranis now allow up to 40 sensors (up from 32)
  • Support for additional switches for X7 on PAD400 and PAD401
  • Support for X9D REV4a removed (wasn't compiling since 2.2)
  • 'full size' modules available on small size external bay as an option
  • X9E : prevent timer display overflow on top LCD
  • 128x64 : fix trims display
  • Horus now allows up to 60 sensors (up from 32)
  • Support for additional switches and pots for X10 and X12
  • Add R9M flex option to Sky9x
  • Support for Sky9X REVA removed (wasn't compiling since 2.2)
  • Fix for PPM2 not properly initialised
  • Add support for Jumper T12
Radio protocols
  • Add Crossfire telemetry mirror on serial port
  • Add iNav vario sensor to Crossfire
  • Support for Multimodule (Thx MRC3742 and PascalLanger)
  • Disable RxNUm checks for D8 protocol
  • Mixer to pulse synchronisation improved
  • Display FlySky volts as signe values (Thx CapnBry)
  • Improve rotary encoder handling on all radios
  • Improve Czeck translations (Thx Jannek)
  • Improve German translation (Thx SHezinger)
  • Improve Italian translations (Thx mzambrini)
  • Fix GPS distance callulation on some coordinates
  • Update to latest multiprotocol revision

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Re: OpenTX version 2.3 Discussion Thread

Post by sigee » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:21 am

I understans we can now update the internal module on the X12s via opentx.
Has anyone done this ?. Any instructions/videos available ?.

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