X-ite with OTX 2.2.2

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X-ite with OTX 2.2.2

Post by Fromi » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:11 pm

Hello guys, please confirm you have the same issue I have.
I bought this cute TX and upgraded to the newest release of the OTX with Companion 2.2. Inserted a spare 2GB card with eng voices. Everything seems to run fine. Except time and one options so far.
First let have a look at the soft, as far as I am still waiting reply for my case from the dealer.
When I am setting custom display, select a type BAR, after move to the point lower to select an object i have an alarm loop activated if I reach left end of the list. TO stop the loop I need to press the joy to the right.
Could you have a look if have the same behaviour? Will really appreciate.

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