What is gv9x?

Suitable for all 9x based radio control transmitters. Supports Airplanes, Gliders, Helicopters and Telemetry via the Ardupilot Mavlink stack.
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What is gv9x?

Post by Rob Thomson »

GV9x is a fork of er9x for use with a Ardupilot Mavlink stack.

Details of this firmware are on the google link below:


At the moment this fork is little known - but will no doubt be well serviced on this thread!
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Re: What is gv9x?

Post by grwarlock »

Ok, I am game. Where are the instructions to hook up the mavlink to the x9 ?

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Re: What is gv9x?

Post by funinthefalls »

Took a look at the video that was with the code.....absolutely amazing....just what I need!

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