Frsky RX8R Pro - Redundance vs D16 mode

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Frsky RX8R Pro - Redundance vs D16 mode

Post by bivo »

Hi Dears!!

Does anybody could confirm if its possible to use redundance and aditional channesl in the slave receiver?
I've been testing it with X6R rx as slave, however the slave channels are exactly the same of the master!

Obs: The RX8R Pro was bound in D16 mode CH 1 - 8 and the slave D16 CH 9 - 14.
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Re: Frsky RX8R Pro - Rudundance vs D16 mode

Post by MikeB »

It should work.
Please try binding just the X6R as D16 CH 9-14 and testing that by itself. It should output channels 9 to 14.
Only then bind just the RX8R-PRO as D16 CH 1-8.

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