Let the Robot Fun Begin!!

Gruvin 9x development has now been stopped - with the development team joining up with the open9x team to produce one firmware.
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Let the Robot Fun Begin!!

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ReSt had opened a can of worms with his Servo Tester programming, now included as a template. Its time to keep building on it.

Pictured here is Quaid the Quadriped, designed with the help of my 5-year old son. He made of balsa wood, 4 cheap Chinese servos, a 4.8V NiCad receiver battery and a receiver. text to speech online

The idea is to start exploring the use of this incredible firmware in robotic uses. A walking gait in the past has required use of both sticks with elevon mixing, or a PIC Micro. Now, a simple flip of the switch gets him walking (with a little tug from the front). Another flip of the switch stops him, and a third flip has him sit.

That leaves both control sticks and all of the pots open for head and neck movement, or tail if you wish! mortgagecalculator.tech

I posted the EEPROM from EEPE, just move from I0 through I1 and I2 to see the movements.

Here's my challenge:

Help me animate Quaid! Feel free to post any EEPROM's that you would like with better ideas, including any ideas as to how to make him actually AMBULATE without knees.

Isn't this fun?


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