Unbrick 9XR Pro after reseting Atmel chip - How ????

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Re: Unbrick 9XR Pro after reseting Atmel chip - How ????

Post by bbergovoy » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:39 am

hello, I know its an older thread,, hopefully it will help me like it helped others here.

I have the 9xr PRO. It was stock, but I was having issues with channel 3, Aileron?. The endpoints weren't registering like the other channels. far less, like -75 - 90 or -925 - 1095 (if I recall correctly, and that could be a problem).

Seems I have confused myself again...as I have now read, and tried a dozen things and different firmwares....

Seems most of the youtube vids that I encounter all talk about OPENTx. so, I figured after futzin' around trying to fix the endpoint issue that I would try OPENTx, as I saw a video on that, but the firmwares were different and I couldnt 'translate' the firmware instructions/terinology.

it took me forever to update the firmwares.... I think the first problem I am having is that none of the PC software is able to see/communicate with my radio... I can turn the bootloader on, and I can see it in fileExplorer, but, forwatever reason, avrdude is not recognizing it.

I have tried messin with the communication settings in eepe and companion2.2, with no luck. Seems I can not find SAM-BA on my computer... I have tried to download it from ATMEL but I am not getting the verification email back from them. I have tried two different email addresses, I have looked in my SPAM folders, and no joy. I read the how to UN BRICK but, without the SAM-BA app on my harddrive, I can not figure out how to follow the instructions on how to un=brick.

I know my radio isnt bricked, but I kinda wanted to reset it and start FRESH... thinkin' that might be best.

anyways...I have spent two full days, more then 20 hours on this... and am about done, before I get started.. hehehe.

Im not sure if I want/like eepeskye or opentx, but seems that most folk see 9xr and think it is trash or they don't know how to use it. they all tell me get a taranis.... but, as far as I can tell, taranis and OPENTx are the same thing... the only difference should be the hardware....and getting folks to help me should not be a matter of taranis/frysky/spektrum, VS 9xr...

anyways... I would love some help, but at this point, am not sure anyone can help me.. hehehe

thanks in advance...

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Re: Unbrick 9XR Pro after reseting Atmel chip - How ????

Post by jhsa » Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:27 am

You are mixing a lot of stuff together that shouldn't be mixed.
For example:
Eepskye is the eeprom editor (PC program) for Ersky9x which is the firmware that runs on the radio.
Companion is the eeprom editor for OpenTX, which is a firmware that can be installed on the radio.

These shouldn't be mixed as they are not compatible:

Ok, now that we cleared that let me start by saying that with the 9XR-PRO you DO NOT use AvrDude, so forget about it.
Also, Samba is to be used as a last resort, in case you really mess up.
There is a lot of information (not necessarily good one) about opentx on the 9XR-PRO because Open TX might be more known than Ersky9x. That doesn't mean that it is better. For example in my opinion, and for my needs,. Ersky9x is way better, specially on platforms like the PRO, Ar9x and Skyboard.. Ah and on the 9x radio as well.. :)

So, May I suggest that we stay with ersky9x for now until you get to know how to connect your radio to the computer and flash the firmware? Then if you want you can change to opentx of course if you like it more..

First of all, can you put your radio in bootloader mode? Hold both horizontal trims inwards while turning the radio ON.
If after you do this you see the bootloader screen, please connect your radio to the PC. Note that the USB plug might need a firm push so it is fully inserted. This can happen with new radios. Be careful not to break it though :)
So, after doing this, do you see 2 drives showing up on your computer's desktop?

Pleaase answer this before we proceed..

You can also watch these videos about eepskye and how to connect the radios to it.. Watch the 3 videos about eepskye.. there are also other videos about ersky9x.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNJPUZc ... JXhb9&t=5s

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