r9 R100 values.

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r9 R100 values.

Post by rixstaa » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:01 am

Searched every were and no info
Closes ive found I think is 1205 R100 0.1ohm 5% with optional K 200K upwards. Which K is this chip for our board and what is the size? 1205? theres alot.
Now im right in think 0.1oh is 100ohm? as there is 100R to. I asked seller and he say they different because of that lol.
I goto have ot working correctly and its easy to solder but the info smh.

Thanks in advance.
tbh is there one that is better to prevent this ever happening again?

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Re: r9 R100 values.

Post by jhsa » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:10 am

R9 is O.1 Ohm.
To prevent that from happening again don't cause any short circuit or connect devices to the radio that take too much current.

Also DO NOT remove or insert the RF Module while the radio is ON. That was probably why R9 got damaged.
R9 is part of a current sensor.
If you don't need to know how much capacity the radio took from its battery, you don't have to install R9, and just bridge its pads together.
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Re: r9 R100 values.

Post by rixstaa » Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:39 am

Understood but question is not answered.
What size is r9 1206 or 0805.
What K rating is r9 r100 options range from 2000k to 200k or so I may be off with that but the options are like that which is confusing.
And is R100 the same as 100R as 1 is 0.1ohm and the other is 100ohm and in thousands that would make it 0.1ohm.

This is a relevent question as some people may want to keep the feature. I dod do mine. I lifted r9 R100 and joined with solder. I now have a flickering screen when using 3s lipo with balance plug.

Few more questions as I have to take it back apart.
What upgrades should I do aswell as fix r9?
Roller pins from inner trims have come loose and fell out is there a fix?
Programming adapter, which do I need for flashing and updates ect. "compatible blheli or flash for naze and esc too would be nice."

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Re: r9 R100 values.

Post by MikeB » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:15 am

Size is 1206.
The value is 0.1ohm (a tenth of an ohm), no K involved.
The tolerance should be 1%.
The power rating should be 0.25 W.

I think the main reason R9 fails is it overheats an breaks before the fuse does. If you can get a 0.1 ohm resistor with a higher power rating this may make it the fuse goes first.

You must have a 9XR-PRO to be referring to R9, so no adapter is needed for flashing etc., just connect the USB port to the computer.

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