Problem: Taranis + Graupner 448 BBMG = servo flutter

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Problem: Taranis + Graupner 448 BBMG = servo flutter

Post by pasky » Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:50 pm

I write to mention a problem I had coupling a Graupner 448 BBMG with a Taranis X9D and a receiver X8R.
During the first pre-flight test with the aileron in neutral position, a friend hit the aileron which started to flutter alot.
I found a video that describe perfectly the problem I have. Pls note at 1 min 37 sec
Fixing Digital Servo Flutter (4 min 6 sec)
In the wings Graupner servo are mounted on the ailerons and analog servos Hitec 85bbmg are mounted on the flaps.
They shares same wires apart the yellow ones.
During the installation and the radio programming I didn't notice the probem which became more pronounced on the field.
My specualtions are:
- Can it be related to the fine tune subtim controls operated on the flight site?
- can it be a problem of compatibility between servo and radio frame? If yes, how can I minimize the problem?
- power is provided by a HK YEP 100A and 4 cells, it seems more then enough....or no??
Here is a spec chart>> ... Servo.html
Please help me, I am quite frustrated!

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Re: Problem: Taranis + Graupner 448 BBMG = servo flutter

Post by Kilrah » Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:14 pm

Some servos dont't handle RF transmissions close to them, which is now common with telemetry-capable receivers. Try to disable telemetry on the X8R.

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