Threadded inserts for Taranis X9E Tray

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Threadded inserts for Taranis X9E Tray

Post by tilmanb » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:56 pm

One thing that pissed me off about my lovely new Taranis are those stupid self tapping screws right in the plastic. Especially since you have to take the back off quite often because the RF module bay is inside. :twisted:

So I did something about that. :)
I bought those inserts from China ... 71077.html
Use others if you like. But those work just fine.

Then I took a 4mm drill and drilled vertically down the plastic stems in the back of the case. No worries the drill will follow the old hole quite nicely.

Securing the inserts is a little bit of a challenge. A slightly smaller drill hole would have been ideal. 4mm is just a snug fit. But not enough meat to melt the brass insert right into the plastic.
With that option out, I resorted to glue. With the screw well waxed in I epoxied the whole thing in.

I guess if any one of you tried this same mod, give it a shot if you can just melt the inserts right into the original holes.

PS: I used those screws. ... 52124.html
If you want to import them from China too. ;)

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