X-Lite + TBS TX Micro V2 cannot bind TBS Nano RX

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X-Lite + TBS TX Micro V2 cannot bind TBS Nano RX

Post by cxenos » Wed Sep 02, 2020 4:24 pm

Hi Guys,

I have a Taranis X-Lite Open-TX firmware 2.3.9 with the latest TBS TX Micro V2. Trying to bind the TBS Nano receiver with no luck. More specifically, when the X-Lite is off and the TX is powered via the USB-C, the RX is bound via the Agent-X software correctly.

When the X-Lite is on,
a) The first time the Open-TX via the lua script found the RX and updated it, after that the RX is blinking green led and is not binding.
b) Every time I'm trying to bring the ROM stock firmware to the RX, with the standard procedure of powering up the RX when holding the bind button, again via the lua script from X-Lite, it founds the RX and updated it. When it finishes again the TX and the RX is blinking green without binding.
c)When I power down the X-Lite and power the Micro TX via the USB-C the binding is ok and I can see the RX in the Agent-X.

Any thoughts?

I have tried already the Nightly TBS Open TX firmware with the same results.

Thank you in advance,

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