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FrSky X7S problems

Post by stereodreieck86 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:25 am

Hello guys,

I am have problems with my X7S; the knobs are doing nothing 1/6th of the totalway, the radio almost switched off (without me doing anything), the speaker are noisy and make ploppsound when switching on/off.
I did the calibration but it didnt help at all.

I have followed all your advice with the following results:
first. all FrSky TX have a certain dead range, probably you use pots (Keep in mind I am always refering about the two pots above the gombals, between the switches) of mediocre quality, that doesn't surprise me. I'm not complaining about that either because for 130Euro you can't expect more nowadays (obviously).
Second. OpenTX seems to have a built-in dead zone that is much larger than the pot's dead zone (that's the main problem), together with the pot's dead zone this results in a total dead zone of over 20%.
Even my cheap Turnigy 9XR (45Euro) from Hobbyking does it better
This problem would be best solved in the OpenTX thread at RCGroups and is outsourced.

Third. You could replace the potentiometers with better ones but that would cause additional costs and would not solve the problem in OpenTX. The result would then be a smaller deadband (after all).

4th. I will not tinker with my radio because of the guarantee

5th. it leaves FrSky as OpenTX with a bland aftertaste when I find obvious bugs in the first 30 minutes.

6th. the popping and hissing even attracted the attention of my fellow pilots (without me having mentioned it). If there's a solution, I have to find out tonight.

Ok. Thank you guys.

I am gonna keep the X7S for this year, but i keep looking at something else at the Fair in Düsseldorf and probably buy something else next year.

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