Telemetry drop out and firmware

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Telemetry drop out and firmware

Post by m00t » Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:41 am

Hi All,

I have a Taranis X9D+ that worked fantastically - the radio link was always rock solid and maintained very high RSSI.

I acquired a new model and installed a X4R-SB reciever, initially I had some brownout issues arising from a dodgey LDO on my flight computer however after providing an external 5.6v to the X4R i was still faced with the same problem. Thingking that it might be an issue with the reciever I flashed the reciever with the latest non-EU firmware from the frsky web site, at this point the RX would not bind to the reciever. I then tried to reflash the internal radio with the XJT firmware - i copied both the EU and non-EU versions of the firmware on the SD card, however the menu would not display the non-EU version of the firmware. I assumed that this was because my radio was flashed with the EU version of x9dp-v2.1.6, so i flashed the non-EU version of the radio firmware, however the transmitter would still not show the non-EU frk file. So I flashed X4R with the latest EU firmware and was able to bind. However i was still experiencing the telemetry drop out for brief periods, with one occasion under a testing scenario I lost control of the model (so i did not actually loose the model!). I decided to test out my other reciever on a different model that I have flown alot, however i had exactly the same symptoms, but this was more specifc as soon as i moved a stick the telemetry would drop like a rock and the radio would announce RF signal critical followed shortly by RF signal lost. This would cycle through then stabilise then start again.
Im am now assuming that there is a hardware issue with my radio - but wanted to check if anyone has had similar experiences with issues like this arising out of a firmware upgrade?

Finally i also wanted to check - is it possible to flash the non-EU firmware on the internal radio, the radio was purchaed from hobbyking and is used in Australia so I see no reason why it should be region locked to use EU firmware?


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