!Taranis X9D Plus GURUS! Here's a challenge for ya...!

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!Taranis X9D Plus GURUS! Here's a challenge for ya...!

Post by Flyingclint82 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:46 pm

I have a hard one for all the Gurus out there! I have been using Taranis for two years now and know a lot about it and how to program on it, but this one has me stumped!
I am flying a plane with flaps that also act as ailerons. It's the Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster. I have the normal flying mode where flaps are coupled to the ailerons for higher 3D rate flying. I flip my SB switch to mid position and the flaps stop acting like ailerons and go down to flap position. This is all well and good, but I also have a separate setting for Rate/Expo that is assigned to the SD switch that I want to happen when i am flying with flaps for the landing phase. Also during this landing phase, I have a different throttle setting, also on a different switch SA. So my question is, I would like to keep my high/Low rates on the SD switch, so that I can switch those anytime I want in ANY phase of flight and also keep my throttle setting on SA, so I can also switch that during any phase of flight, but when I flip the SB switch to activate flaps, I want that switch to take over from SA and SD and change both of those settings to be the settings I want during the landing phase. This way, i am only flipping one switch to go in and out of the landing or taking off phase of flight and not having to switch and remember three different switch settings in order to make these changes. SO, my question is, how would you set this up to make those changes occur how I am wanting? I have tried SO MANY different things to make this happen and can't seem to figure it out. PLEASE HELP ME figure this one out!



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