Taranis q x7 won't start

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Taranis q x7 won't start

Post by Hannes » Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:37 pm


I recently bought a taranis q x7 from Banggood. It worked fine until a few days ago when I, as stupid as I am, connected a regular NiMH charger to the charging port to charge the battery. After that it refuses to start.

The only thing that happens when i connect the battery is that the power button flasher once, the speaker starts makeing a quiet noise, and the components close to the charging port becomes really hot after q little while (diode, fuse, capacitor etc.). Don't know if the parts becomes hot on their own, or if the heat is spreading from somewhere.

I have measured fuse F1 to 0.9 ohms, so that seems to be working. The diode D500, however, measures to 6 kΩ one way and 60 kΩ the other way, so I thought this could be broken. I therefore tried to bridge it with a cable to test it, but to no avail.

Before I opened the taranis I also tried to reflash the firmware, but that gives me the warning "File has no DFU suffix".

I know there are some very helpful people here, so now that I'm out of options i hope that you might be able to help me.


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