Taranis QX7 cannot bind

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Taranis QX7 cannot bind

Post by Wonglim » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:25 am

Hi everyone, i'm a new person here! I have some issue hope your guys can help up on the matters !

My Taranis QX7( firmware opentx 2.2.0) when i bought that time was rushing to do other thing and i didn't do the backup and i was update to version 2.2.2. Then i realize that my two receiver can't bind at all, i did update my receiver to EU / non EU model, end up also cannot be bind! I confirmed that my two receiver is working. I also went to FRSKY website to search for the old version which is 2.2.0. It seem work(downgrade) to my Taranis. I was happy that my version can change back to the version that i wishing, unfortunately the same issue also cannot be bind! My friend also got one taranis same type with me, i did told him about what i have facing,after he hear that he also scaring to update to the latest version because he want to use it at TBS CrossFire.

I also seaching at youtube several times, most of the video just showing how to update the radio is not discuss how to backup the radio, any videos that can provided to me and show how to do the backup for radio?

Please help me, as i was hanging in this problm quick sometimes already!


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Taranis QX7 cannot bind

Post by ShowMaster » Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:31 am

The RF firmware that talks to your receiver isn’t opentx. That firmware lives in the internal xjt module. If you only flashed opentx versions, your xjt module is still fcc or EU as it was delivered. Your receiver firmware flashed does change it to fcc or EU. You want to be sure your receivers are using the same xjt ( not opentx) firmware that it worked/came with when it did work.
One condition to check is to make sure your internal XJT is turned on in opentx. Opentx can control power to the internal or external module power.
Also try a new QX7 memory making sure the internal xjt it turned on in opentx and also try a different receiver number to bind with.
All won’t work if the xjt and receiver fw doesn’t match.
Again, no version of opentx should change the xjt fcc or eu RF xjt transmit protocol.
Please take it slow and try it all again. Also keep some distance when binding a X receiver.

I didn’t ask but have you done any antenna or other mods since it did bind originally?

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