FailSafe configuration for fs-th9x + rm-003 + fs-ia10b

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FailSafe configuration for fs-th9x + rm-003 + fs-ia10b

Post by AntonC » Sat Sep 26, 2020 12:31 pm

Hello everybody

I use the set which described in topic, and when I switch the radio off all channels don't reset to default (just stay where it was before switching). As I understand the receiver just don't send default PPM signal. Could anybody suggest the solution?

Full set
Fs-th9x (er9x) -> rm-003 -> fs-ia10b -> APM 2.8

What I already tried:
update firmware for APM's ppm decoder ( ... Nemesisdog)
use original radio's firmware and configure failsafe on it
set expected channels position and press "update" on receiver (also I can't find the manual for receiver and really don't understand how to use update button correct)

All this moves didn't help.

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