Want to use my Hitec Aurora 9 to make a great LR TX.

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Want to use my Hitec Aurora 9 to make a great LR TX.

Post by NintendCrescendo » Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:32 am


My name is Tyler, and I've been into R/C for over 25 years. I've always had a sort of shoestring budget, and it's taught me a lot about patching together pieces of old equipment to get them to work together.

Basically, I love my Aurora case, switchgear, balance, etc. I want to remove the PCB's and general guts, replace them with something else that gives me more channels (really, I just need a handful of extra on/off channels, ~14 total channels), and run the PPM signal through a UHF (433MHz or 915MHZ) Orange rx RF module.

As far as my main logic board, I have a raspberry pi, an arduino, and also a cheap android tablet (only 5" screen). If I need to, I'll buy an atmega328, but I would kind of like to use something I already have.

Any input is appreciated!

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