Taranis Q X7 with USB failure

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Taranis Q X7 with USB failure

Post by Denethor » Fri Oct 08, 2021 7:01 am

Hi, I'm desperate and I don't know how to behave. I bought a new Taranis Q X7 ACCST from Banggood. Unfortunately I believe that this one came to me already faulty or with some short circuit on the board. The first thing I did as soon as the remote control arrived, becaausr not having a battery yet, was to try to connect it to the PC via USB to use it in the simulator and I tried to turn it on. Immediately after plugging it in, it gave off a burning smell coming from behind from parts of the battery compartment. As soon as I found a battery I tested it and saw the following situation:
- It turns on normally with battery inserted and without USB connection.
- It does not turn on if I try to do this with USB connection and battery inserted.
- If the remote control is off or without battery just connected via USB, it is recognized as a "STM 32 Bootloader" peripheral and I can easily read and write the firmware.
- If the remote control is turned on (both in normal mode and in bootloader mode) as soon as I connect it to the USB port it is not recognized and I do not add any peripherals to the PC, neither as a joystick nor as an SD card for reading files.
- If I try to write the firmware on the SD card in bootloader mode, it writes it normally, if I try to write the firmware from the menu with the remote control accessed, the firmware is not written normally.

Does anyone know me what the problem could be or what could have gone wrong? Unfortunately, to send the remote control back from Italy to China, it takes 50 euros and more than a month between the round trip and I don't know if this involves replacing it with a new remote control or just further problems ...

You think it can be repaired without excessive expense?


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