Help understanding LUA Wizard script

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Help understanding LUA Wizard script

Post by propnut » Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:04 am

Hello all

After years being an X9D owner I decided to buy/try the Jumper T16. The radio itself is fine but I connected it to Companion to transfer all my models and things all went for a ball of chaulk BECAUSE it seems that Jumper have supplied some duff SD-Cards. Anyhow fully recovered the radio but the model Wizard doesn't work any more.

It has two icons, plane and glider. I can highlight and select glider but not plane. However if I go into system setting and access the LUA script from the directory tree I can execute both scripts individually. What I would like to know is how does OpenTX (yes I know JumperTX is a fork) call the LUA scripts from the Wizard directory and why might it not be associating the plane icon with the relevant script ?

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