Vario with EdgeTX, FS-IA10B and FS-CAT01

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Vario with EdgeTX, FS-IA10B and FS-CAT01

Post by Gilzers »

I am trying to follow a simple YouTube video for setting up a Vario:

I am not using the current sensor and am using slightly different hardware/software. I have:

Software: EdgeTX 2.8.0 FlyingDutchman
Receiver: FS-IA10B
Pressure sensor: FS-CAT01

The telemetry gives me 8 readings on my controller including altitude and pressure but no vertical speed for use as a Vario. Is there something I am missing?
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Re: Vario with EdgeTX, FS-IA10B and FS-CAT01

Post by jtaylor »

The FS=CAT01 is an altitude sensor not a vario. I'm not sure but I don't think Flysky makes a vario.
This thread explains it more: ... issues/624

There has been lua scripts that attempt to use the altitude sensor as a crude vario but I don't know if any of them work in Edge. Here is a link to one for openTX but I have no idea if it will work in EdgeTX or on your transmitter.

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