Taranis X9D freezes on the welcome screen

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Taranis X9D freezes on the welcome screen

Post by Charcot » Sun Nov 08, 2020 3:29 pm

Hello guys!
I'm new here on the forum, and this is my first participation ...
My Tx, An X9D taranis It was stored for a long time, and His battery ended up completely discharging ... So far so good ... I put it to charge, and accidentally in the middle of the charge I called it, the Rx gave me the message welcome, and froze on the "open tx" screen, I tried to turn off again by the on / off button and did not turn off !!! I disconnected it from the charger (original taranis), I removed the battery and it turned off ... I reconnected the battery, put it to complete the charge.
When he finished the charge, I turned on the radio again and the same thing happened! he appears on the screen and speaks the welcome message, and freezes, nothing happens! I installed open Tx on my pc and I can't even access the TX via USB. Remembering that I never did any Tx update. I always used it with the factory setting.
Below is a short video of what is happening.


Thank you all for your attention and I hope that a good soul will appear teaching me step by step to solve this dilemma!

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