Taranis X9d Plus fail to see on computer

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Taranis X9d Plus fail to see on computer

Post by AndyCapp77 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 6:26 am

A few months back I was able to see the STM32Bootloader in my Devices window on my computer.
Now when I plug in my Taranis to the USB port I get a FrSky Taranis Bootloader appearing in my devices.
I try and read the models from the Tx in Open Companion and it tells me it can't find a radio.
I have tried running Zadig 2.5 upgrade and it also only finds the FrSky Bootloader.
My Tx has version 2.3.10 installed and the OpenTXBootloader - 2.3.10-otx
Companion is also ver 2.3010 Oct 6 2020.
USB ports are vers 2.0.
Operating system Win 10.
Only updates to system have been normal operating system updates via Windows update

Can anyone help as to why I can no longer connect to my Tx from Companion.

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