Strange outliers in Vspeed with 2x MS5611

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Strange outliers in Vspeed with 2x MS5611

Post by Christoph » Thu Feb 25, 2021 5:07 pm

I have set up an openXsensor with 2x GY63. The 2nd sensor contains a connection for a TEK nozzle. My target is to use sensor one for altitude, sensor 2 with TEK nozzle for vertical speed.
When I configure the sensor to use both MS5611, I have regular outliers in the values of Vspd and Vspd2 (both sensor data are comparable
If I configure the sensor so that only one MS5611 is used, I have the normal noise without outliers.
left side: configured with both MS5611
right side: configured with one MS5611

any ideas what this could be?

Test was done outside of my house with very little wind (<1m/s), no TEK nozzle connected, no direct sunlight

Attached the 2 extracted log files and my openXsensor file

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