openX sensor with some I/O pins

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openX sensor with some I/O pins

Post by Helle » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:52 pm

is it possible to habe 4 pins for free setting as digital Input / Output Pins
To Read the Inputs back at Telemetrie
and to Set the outputs to 1/0 from Tx

Nearly same as Jeti CB200 has for Example

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Re: openX sensor with some I/O pins

Post by mstrens » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:35 pm

in some way it is already possible:
- about digital input : oXs allows to measure up to 6 voltages. You can use them as digital input. The returned value will not be 1/0 but if your TX let you compare the value to a reference level, you can get it. In openTx e.g. you can say that logical switch X is ON if telemetry field Y is greater than Z value.
- about digital output: oXs let you configure a sequencer that control up to 6 pins. The sequencer can be configured in such a way that the output remains (so it is then not really a sequencer in this case). This can be controlled from any ppm signal sent by the TX. There is still one big restriction. There is only one PPM signal to control the 6 pins and the ppmSignal can transmit only 9 differents levels. So, it allows you to manage only 3 pins if you want all possible combinations of those 3 pins. It also requires some mixing on your tx to generate the PPM signal. With openTx it is possible.

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Re: openX sensor with some I/O pins

Post by jhsa » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:58 am

I have built a RC switch once that uses only one channel on the radio and receiver to control 4 pins. And, the best is that you can turn them high or low completely independent from each other.. Yes, it does use only one channel. Actually possible to control 5 pins :)
If you guys want I can post the link to the project thread.. It is here at OpenRCforums. This was developed by a forum user with Mike's help. I just adapted the code to run on an ATtiny85.


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