OpenXSensor with isolated ADS1115 for CDI

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OpenXSensor with isolated ADS1115 for CDI

Post by Barni89Djent » Wed Jun 15, 2022 4:57 pm

Hello , im working on my little special OpenXSensor. The I2C Bus is Isolated with an ISO1540 Isolator, so the System is running fine but my only Problem is that im to dumb to Programm the software that the ADS1115 measures one or two temperatures. i need a little Help in software programming. i have make little changings in the code but i dont get it run. all functions runs Perfectly but the temp over ADS1115 is the Problem. i have the configuration changed that The ADS1115 can measure 1Airspeed 1Current 1Voltage 1Temp or 1Current 1Voltage 2Temp . so im able to use max 2Airspeed , max 2Current , max 2Voltages and max 2Temps.
i have added in the basic.h a function ADS_TEMPERATUR_BASED_ON ADS_VOLT_X( X=1-4) and added some coding in the other files of OpenXSensor.
i dont get this function running , no output and no debug of ADS Temp function. I know it gave easier ways to get the Temp out of the ADS but i like to make it configurable over basic.h and thats to much for my Programming skills :lol: Thanks for every Help.

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