DIY wifi radio radio NOISE!

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DIY wifi radio radio NOISE!

Post by doris » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:39 am

Hello, I am building a mono, internet enabled, WiFi radio and I have a problem.

I am running into what I believe may be a grounding issue. When I turn the system on, I hear all kinds of noise coming from both my computer component and my WiFi dongle.

I know that the WiFi dongle is contributing to the noise because if I remove it, some of the noise is gone.
If, I use a completely different sound source, such as a battery powered MP3 player, I get very little noise.
I am thinking I may need a ground loop isolator, but curious as to whether anyone else has suggestions.
Here is a diagram of my circuit (sorry it's a bit crude) NOTE: I am providing extra power to the USB hub because I do not believe the computer (it's a pogoplug) can output enough power over a single USB.

I am using Zaph's filter (as my receiver is a HiVi B3N)
And I am using a stereo to mono summing box here:
Finally, I am using this step-down transformer(LM2596S).

I found this question and think it may discuss a related problem, but I am not sure how I should proceed to fix my issue.

I have tried the following layout with the raspberry pi and notice the same noise problem. Also solved by using two seperate AC/DC adapters.

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Re: DIY wifi radio radio NOISE!

Post by jhsa » Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:28 am

Try to disconnect the ground connection between the "Stereo to mono" and the Audio Amp. But disconnect it on the stereo to mono side.. See if it helps.. If you have a ground connection there, you might get a ground loop because the Amp is also supplied with a ground..
Do not remove the Amp's ground of course ;)

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