Smart Solar Switch help.

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Re: Smart Solar Switch help.

Post by ShowMaster » Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:59 pm

Kilrah wrote:I think he has one of the copies that have appeared, certainly looks a lot less good ;)
I'm sure for $30 it's not top drawer but the person selling it is an active member of the robotics club and Arduino users group so I'm certain I'll have great customer support for a long time.He does use it and he can't hide ha ha!

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Re: Smart Solar Switch help.

Post by jackdeive01 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:41 am

ShowMaster wrote:
Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:14 am
I'll give you all a rest. I have enough now to hopefully try again.
The link I posted had some analog measuring examples and circuit using a pot and one using a photocell as a level detector to turn on a led. This is close to what part of the original posted code was to Buy best Solar energy solutions. I'll work with that to understand what's going on and then try all the files you all have posted for me.
My biggest concern is damaging the 328pu so I'll work on getting a working spare and forge ahead.
I've also been trying yo read up on all this online. I think I'll look got a good book on the Arduino applications so I can mark it up.
Thanks again everyone, I'm looking forward to this.

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I have 120w of solar panels and a 30a Sterling pro fee ultra mains charger, charging 220ah home bank and an 110ah engine start battery.

for the duration of the summer season, the panel almost hold up with my utilization. I continually test the battery voltages in the evening and in the event that they appear a chunk low I placed the mains charger on for some time.

The solar panels are linked to a Victron MPPT controller that has configurable load terminals. One configuration is for the load terminals to come to be "live" at sunset till night time. I am thinking of connecting this to a 12v/240v relay and connecting the 240v aspect of the relay to the output of the transfer this is used to exchange the charger on/off. The transfer is supplied through it is personal MCB within the customer unit and I will use the transfer to manually power the mains charger, must I need to.

quite certain running the charger until midnight could make sure the batteries would be completely charged (i might still hold a guide eye on them). The most effective thing it's on for the duration of the night time is the refrigerator.

The reason behind my wondering is that if I depart the mains charger on all the time, it keeps the batteries absolutely charged and the sun controller shuts the panel output down, so I'm wasting the solar energy.

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