Fixing a Bad STL Model File using Netfabb Online Service (CR10 3D Printer)

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Fixing a Bad STL Model File using Netfabb Online Service (CR10 3D Printer)

Post by bob195558 » Fri May 31, 2019 5:29 pm

RC Wheel printed S3D Fast_broke apart.jpg
I had problems when trying to print this 1/10 size RC Truck Wheel
which I found on Thingiverse: (
I am using the CR-10 3D Printer, Blue eSun+ PLA filament
and Simplify 3D slicer program.
The symptoms of my first two printing tries had areas that were not printed
and therefore some areas were not attached.
This led me to speculate that the original cad design is faulty.
But that was not where the problem was,
it was the STL Model File that was faulty.
RC Truck 1 10 Wheel_d.jpg

Using the Netfabb Online Service to fix a bad STL file.

1) To fix a BAD STL model file,
go to: ( ... mDH5ATEo8Y)
and sign into the Netfabb Online Service.
(Note: if you do not have an account with Autodesk you will need to create one first).

2) Press " Upload 3D model"

3) Then select your STL 3D model File and press "Open", this will start the processing.

4) When done you should see "File successfully processed" with maybe some other finished info.

5) Next press "Download" to your computer or to your slicer program.

5) Then print your fixed STL file and see the results.

After downloading the Fixed STL model file, I printed it with eSun+ Yellow filament
which has been the best filament I have printed with so far.
This time, this RC Wheel STL file printed properly.
Wheel77Final_Fixed_Simplify 3D_e.jpg

Wheel77Final_Fixed_Simplify 3D_c.jpg

Wheel77Final_Fixed_Simplify 3D_d.jpg

Wheel77Final_Fixed_Simplify 3D_b.jpg

Wheel77Final_Fixed_Simplify 3D_a.jpg

Wheel77Final_Fixed_Simplify 3D_g.jpg
Supports came off easily

Download Video file
(7.89 MiB) Downloaded 30 times

Wheel77Final_Fixed_Simplify 3D_f.jpg
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