3,348,000 RPM, 55,800 rev/sec, 1176MPH, 1893kph, 18.8 Million G's

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3,348,000 RPM, 55,800 rev/sec, 1176MPH, 1893kph, 18.8 Million G's

Post by Ozzy » Wed May 08, 2019 1:20 pm

UPDATE: 5-18-2019 3,808,800 RPM, 63,480 RPS, 1338mph, 2153kph, 24.3M G's

3.3 Million RPM video

While watching YT, these high rpm (300, 500K rpm) videos got me started. I figured it would be a fun technical exercise. I am up to 2 million rpm. More info here. I am not on this form as much as I used to be, if I am not responding, post on my rc groups blog.
https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthr ... RPM-motors

2 million rpm video:

Seeing how fast I can spin an object. Using a a magnet ball, this is a simple brush-less motor (without a output shaft of course). In this video, I spin a 3mm ball magnet, its contained in a 4-40 3/4" long nylon standoff. This holds the ball and provides some protection.

Today I got to 2,088,600rpm, 34,810 rev's per second, 733mph on the equator and 7.3 million G's, then the ball turned into complete chum, lol.

Simple hall sensor, fet drive circuit and coil. Coil is made up of 33 turns of wire AWG #25 (0.5mm, 0.02") wire diam, avg 18mm coil diam, measures 20uH, 240mΩ. Coil power supply, 20V, 5A C.C setting, avg coil current 3.45A, ~69W (at speed), hall and driver supply, 5V ~12mA.

Two years ago I got to 1 million rpm, but never took a video, then a couple months ago I saw another TY video that sparked me to get a video of my results.

I made a video of the 1.1 mil rpm, then I had some ideas to optimize my setup. Better sensor, fet driver, smaller ball and more coil drive power.
3-14-2019 1,141,200rpm, 19,200 revs per sec, 668mph and 3.64 million G's (at the equator),
4-26-2019 1,579,800rpm, 26,330 revs per sec, 555mph and 4.18 million G's,
5-1-2019 1,715,400rpm, 28,590 revs per sec, 602mph and 4.93 million G's,
5-2-2019 2,088,600rpm, 34,810 revs per sec, 733mph and 7.32 million G's.
5-8-2019 2,232,000rpm, 37,200 revs per sec, 784mph and 8.3 million G's.
5-9-2019 3,176,400 RPM - 52940 RPS - 1116MPH - 1796KPH - 16.9M G's.
EDIT: 5-17-2019 3,348,000 RPM, 55,800 rev/sec, 1176MPH, 1893kph, 18.8 Million G's

Sometimes the ball sheds just its red skin, other times it sheds is copper/nickel skin, and the unlucky ones turn to chum poor little bastards :) Sometimes it give off a flash of light or sparks, maybe that's it's ghost leaving.

Pretty much every 5mm ball disintegrates (explodes) at ~1.1 million rpm sofar. That is why I switched to 3mm balls, but that also introduced other issues to overcome. I am putting the 3mm ball magnet in a nylon standoff that has been drilled to allow the ball to drop in, then another nylon screw to hold it in place (with some free play).

Wear eye protection if you try this, be safe, have fun.
3.1 Million RPM - 52940 RPS - 1116MPH - 1796KPH - 16.9M G's.jpg
3,176,400 RPM - 52,940 Rev per sec - 1116mph - 1796kph - 16.9M G's 5-9-2019.png

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