HoTT ESC to S.PORT converter

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HoTT ESC to S.PORT converter

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To use my old HoTT ESC with my new S.PORT Archer SR8 PRO receiver and a Horus X10s OpenTX Radio, I have created a RP2040 Project.
It reads Voltage, Current, Capacity, RPM, Temperature from the HoTT ESC and sends the telemetry data via S.PORT to the Radio.
Text mode configuration is also implemented.

Is someone with a HoTT ESC, an S.PORT receiver, an OpenTX radio, a PI Pico and a little soldering skill (3 diodes, 2 resistors) interested in alpha testing this?

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Re: HoTT ESC to S.PORT converter

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I'm interested!
I don´t have an HOTT Esc but have an MGM wich output HOTT telemetry...
Would like to test!

Waiting for feedback.

Best Regards
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