Read Kontronik ESC Telemetry Data with Arduino

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Read Kontronik ESC Telemetry Data with Arduino

Post by albenders95 » Fri May 28, 2021 9:27 am


I am using a Kontronik ESC for a school project and would like to collect and display real-time telemetry data from it on a laptop. There are three telemetry ports on the ESC programed with Kontronik, Futaba and Jeti protocols, respectively. I have found a bit on the web on reading Jeti telemetry with Arduino but nothing that is very clear to me. I have also considered that I could connect a receiver to one of the ports and then connect an Arduino to the receiver, but I'm fairly new with this stuff and am not sure that even makes sense. Would anyone mind offering some advice or suggestions?

The ESC is a COOL KOSMIK 250 HV, and we have it hooked to a JETFAN 130 Pro. I would like to read the telemetry data with an Arduino if possible, but any advice on reading it by any means would be much appreciated!

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