ESP8266 RC Tx and Rx using EspNow protocol

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ESP8266 RC Tx and Rx using EspNow protocol

Post by Cesco » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:57 am

I present a little project using the ESP8266 as transmitter and receiver for RC. Done with arduino for esp8266 ide.
It uses PPMSUM imput to transmitter and PPMSUM output from receiver. It uses the ack-less ESPNOW protocol.
This runs on a $4 esp8266 board like the W1-mini and is not a finished product but a base to develop your own stuff.

You got to flash the server (receiver) first and write down the MAC. Use arduino serial monitor to see the MAC. You have to add this MAC in the transmitter "remoteMac[]" filed of the firmware. This tells the transmitter to which receiver it is connected, its the "binding".

The TX uses PPMSUM imput from transmitter. Transmitter PPM in pin is D4. IBUS input can easily be added.

The RX uses PPMSUM output. Receiver PPM out is D8. Single channel or IBUS output is possible.

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