Horus X12S / OpenTX Throttle Alarm

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Horus X12S / OpenTX Throttle Alarm

Post by Durahl » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:23 pm


Is it possible to have a model Specific Throttle Alarm with the Throttle Stick centered instead of down?
I use my Horus X12S for both Multicopters and Ground Vehicles and while it makes obvious sense to start a Multicopter Profile with Throttle Down it only causes problems when operating Ground ones as some of my vehicles have an Engine ON/OFF feature that kicks in when the Remote is actually turned ON/OFF but turning it on with the throttle in full reverse is kiiiinda meh... ;D

I'm on OpenTX 2.2.2

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Re: Horus X12S / OpenTX Throttle Alarm

Post by jhsa » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:41 pm

Assign a throttle cut switch with the value you want for those models.
Or perhaps...
I don't know if OpenTX does this also, but in ErskyTX there is an option where we can select the middle Thr stick position as the default STOPPED position. If the stick is not in the middle, the radio won't even start..
Please read the OpenTX manual, this might be possible as well.

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