Correct SD card for 9XR Pro

tgy9x is a fork of er9x, and is the default firmware that is released by hobbyking on the Turnigy 9XR transmitter.
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Correct SD card for 9XR Pro

Post by Mutchy » Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:59 am

The SD card included in the current release of the 9XR Pro includes voice files which do not match the firmware. Until the present stock of 9XR Pro's is all sold the file below will need to be be installed on the SD card which comes with the radio.

You will need to remove the SD card, put it into a card reader or SD card holder, attach it to your computer and then replace the files already there with these files. If you need help with this see the manual '9XR Pro: Introduction to the Hardware' and 9XR Pro: Communicating with a Computer'. See another topic on this thread for all the manuals individually.

The file with all the manuals and is over 20 Mb. so I include here the file with no manuals which is just under 10 Mb and one with the manuals at about 21 Mb. It includes jhsa's voice pack from elsewhere plus the folders you will need to back up models and to record telemetry logs. I believe the radio will add these folders itself but they are included here for completeness. You can write all the manuals to the 'manuals' folder yourself if you wish to have them available say at the field or elsewhere.

The files here also includes the latest release of the Ersky9x firmware, r204, in the firmware folder. The present release, r202, is included should you not wish to upgrade.


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