Manuals for 9XR Pro

tgy9x is a fork of er9x, and is the default firmware that is released by hobbyking on the Turnigy 9XR transmitter.
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Manuals for 9XR Pro

Post by Mutchy » Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:06 am

The following manuals cover versions of the ErSky9xr firmware up to r204 except for '9XR Pro: Ersky9x Explained' which is current to r202. The initial batch of 9XR Pro radios have r202 version firmware installed. Updating the firmware is as easy as copying the updated firmware onto the SD card and then flashing it using the buttons on the radio. See "9XR Pro: Introduction to the Hardware". A revision for 9XR Pro: Ersky9x Explaned' to cover r204 will be posted when available soon. This revision will cover the 'Latch and 'Flip Flop functions plus the eight default voice switches in the Safety Switches menu.

Edit 6th June 2014: '9XR Pro: Using Voice with Ersky9x' has been revised to include the list of current voice files shipped with the 9XR Pro radio. The text has been altered to agree with the voice files listed in Appendix A. The URL for the Sound Pack Library has been added.

Edit 6th July 2014: '9XR Pro: Ersky9x Explained' is now current to r204 of Ersky9x.

Edit 8th October 2014" "Appendix B: Hardware 8Oct2014" which covers using the 9XR Pro for more than 8 channels has been added to the list of manuals. This document is an appendix to "9XR Pro: Introduction to the Hardware" and should be read in conjunction with this document. I publish it separately here rather than included as a revision to the "9XR Pro:Introduction to the Hardware" manual so that it may be downloaded individually, is obviously an addition to the other manuals, and so that it may be treated and revised as an individual entity.

Edit 15th October 2014: Appendix B: Hardware12Oct2014 has been added. It is a revision by Daedalus66 which is highly appreciated. His clarity of expression adds immensely to the quality of the document.

Edit 6th January 2016: 9XR Pro Communicating with a Computer has been revised to include updated links to current firmware.
Appendix B Hardware 12Oct2014.pdf
(2.19 MiB) Downloaded 475 times
9XR Pro Introduction to the Hardware 2014-04-24.pdf
(1.63 MiB) Downloaded 574 times
9XR Pro First Steps with Ersky9x 2014-04-25.pdf
(1.24 MiB) Downloaded 502 times
9XR Pro Ersky9x Explained 2014-07-06.pdf
(11.95 MiB) Downloaded 469 times
9XR Pro Communicating with computer 2016-01-06.pdf
(1.17 MiB) Downloaded 254 times
9XR Pro Using Voice with Ersky9x 2014-06-06.pdf
(2.37 MiB) Downloaded 444 times
9XR Pro Using Eepskye Program 2014-03-26a.pdf
(775.02 KiB) Downloaded 438 times
9XR Pro Glossary of Terms for Ersky9x 2014-03-27.pdf
(101.46 KiB) Downloaded 366 times
Edit: Because it is referred to in '9XR Pro: Communicating with a Computer' here is another manual which I hope is never used:
Many thanks are due to Daedalus66 for his professional contributions and editing of these manuals. The quality is all his.

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