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Turnigy 9xr pro dsss module which reciever?

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 8:26 pm
by ilioSS
First I will introduce myself.
My name is Theo and modelaircraft fan picked up this hobby since I am a pensionado.
From a club pensionado I recieved his radio as a present. He stops active flying.
So the turnigy 9xr pro radio feels sturdy and looks OK.
But soon I noticed this is something special.
Indeed opencourse!
Playing around I get familiare with the menus.
But binding wil not succeed.

Turnigy 9xr pro
DSSS module

SVN: ersky9x-r202
VERS: V.3309-Mike
Date: 17.03.2014
Time: 21.55.06

Which reciever is compatible and wil bind and work?

Any help is more than welcome.

Regards ilioSS