ErSky9x Examples

erskyTx runs on many radios and upgrade boards
ersky9x was a port of er9x for use on the sky9x board.
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ErSky9x Examples

Post by jhsa » Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:49 pm

I don't know if there is another thread about examples for ErSky9x, so I will start one anyway. If you have some examples to share, please do it on this thread, and I will do my best to post the link to them on the first post, along with my own examples.
I normally like to take some challenge when sometimes people ask for some normal, and not normal programming. it keeps my brain going. :)

Adjustable 1-Shot Timer Controlling The Throttle Channel

The first example was a request from someone that wanted a timer on the throttle channel. That is very easy to achieve, therefore I decided to enhance the idea a bit :)
So, what I have here is an adjustable timer (using P1) for the throttle. Turn ON the THR switch to enable the throttle, turn the RUD switch ON to enable this functionality, then set P1 to the desired time, make sure the throttle is at minimum and then bring it to the desired setting, hit the TRN switch and the motor should slowly go to the throttle level you set. You can still adjust it if you wish. When the time is up, the motor will turn OFF. You can glide down. If you want to start the timer again, bring the throttle stick down to minimum, then up again to the desired power setting, and hit the TRN switch.
At any moment you can turn OFF the RUD switch and you should have immediate control of the throttle.
I DID NOT test this on a model, just in eepskye. So if you want to use it, test it well and do it at your own risk. Be careful with the props in case the motor starts unexpectedly. Better to remove the props anyway..

Here is a video:

And here is a model file that you can load in eepskye, or load to your Ersky9x radio
Adjustable 1-Shot Timer_Throttle Control.eepm
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Examples from other users:
My er9x/Ersky9x/eepskye Video Tutorials

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Re: ErSky9x Examples

Post by edelsailor » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:50 pm

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