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BlueTooth to mobile FrSky Dashboard data

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:18 am
by kaos
I was playing with the ersky9x r219c BT (HC-06) and FRrSky Dashboard mobile app latest version. There seems inconsistent data from Tx to the app.
I will put all the finding and keep updating here, many variable/data points.
When you are done with Mavlink (which is more important than this ;) ), you may want to check it.

The correct ones (matching telemetry display screen):
Rssi, Tssi, Cell1, Cell2, Cell3

The incorrect ones (not matching telemetry display screen) (1st number is what shown on display, 2nd number is what shown on the Dashboard):
Atl: -0.2 -32.3 (this I believe is the Alt before 'zero Alt', the display should match the BT data)
RPM: 810 1620 (exactly 2x the displayed rpm)

A1: 5.5v 107.0v
A2: 12.5v 162.0v
AccX: 64 0
AccY: -64 0
AccZ: 1024 1

Re: BlueTooth to mobile FrSky Dashboard data

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:52 am
by MikeB
Ersky9x sends the raw telemetry data.
The displayed Alt will have the zero offset applied on the display (this is now automatically set), I'd guess the dashboard is not doing this.
The displayed RPM uses the "number of blades" (probably 2), the dashboard my have a configuration for this.
A1 and A2 are displayed using the parameters set in the telemetry menu, again the dashboard may need to be configured. 107 is the raw data value that represents 5.5v with a 4:1 divider, 162 is 12.5v with a 6:1 divider.
I've never had an acceleration sensor to be able to check the values. From the telemetry specification I think ersky9x is displaying the raw value, in units of 1/1000g, while the dashboard is dislpaying just whole 'g's.