Velleman Lab2 Three in One..

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Velleman Lab2 Three in One..

Post by Rob Thomson » Wed May 23, 2012 12:50 pm


I purchased myself one of these off ebay.
lab2.jpg ... &id=381248

Figured it would make a good general purpose tool for my growing electronic hobby work!


First mistake. I accidentally purchased a 115Volt version. We use 230Volts this side of the world.
Second mistake. It was shipped from the USA; meaning that any saving in cost was lost on Export Duty :-(

Anyway.. after checking the unit over and seeing my miss-hap on the 115Volt issue, I consulted with a local supplier who indicated that swapping to 230 Volts was simply a case of re-soldering one wire to a different pin on the transformer. This I tackled easily a the pcb is clearly marked.

So.. pin soldered... time to power up.

Fizz Pop Flash Bang. The Power unit went up in smoke

I had no-doubt done something wrong :evil:

Well. Next thing I did was contact Velleman in Belgium to see if I could get a replacement power supply.

Now here is the really good part. Not only where they sympathetic to my problem; but they have sent me a replacement power supply for the unit for FREE! They have not even charged me shipping!


I am very happy with the service. It is not often you find a company so willing to help and support it's end users!

Now.. just to wait 2 days for the part to arrive :-)
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Re: Velleman Lab2 Three in One..

Post by rperkins » Fri May 25, 2012 3:28 pm

I love to hear when a company takes care of you. Looks like a cool piece of equipment also.
Right now Delta faucet is dicking me around on warranty replacement of a shower head :(

RE converting 220/110. I always get jealous cause I'm sure its cheaper to run things from 220v.
I mistakenly ordered a heat gun from HK setup for 220v. I modified it to work on 110. had to divide the heat element up to parallel paths to get the heat up. I got it up to smokin' temps now. :) makes me laugh just thinkin about it. I am afraid the case will melt if I run it too long at high temp. but I digress.

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