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Re: Stereo microscope for electronics

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:26 pm
by ShowMaster
I'm still interested in a 144 led light ring.
I see white and black ring housings, I think white? Any reason not to be white?
On eBay I see them from $49-$110.
Some have the ps and dimmer built int the lamp ring. Others have a separate dimmer box? Others have a separate dimmer box with a 4 zone led on off selector switch.
Others are just a144 led ring and a ps on a cable, no dimmer or zone control.
Anyone using any of these please comment on shat you have or would've liked to have.
If you've narrowed down your choice for purchase please post your choice.
This could be my Xmas present if I make a choice ASAP.