Getting your own G9X PCB's made

Gruvin 9x development has now been stopped - with the development team joining up with the open9x team to produce one firmware.
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Getting your own G9X PCB's made

Post by gruvin » Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:20 pm


The number of enquiries for obtaining G9X v4.x PCBs is increasing, despite the gruvin9x project having all but ended some time ago and the store no longer stocking the boards. It just doesn't make much sense any more, having the boards come all the way to New Zealand, only to be re-packaged and shipped back up to Europe, as is mostly the case, due to the extra costs and time delays, etc.

So, I thought it a good idea to create a Wiki page explaining how to order your own G9X v4.2d PCB's from ITead Studio in Hong Kong -- five (5) at a time, at less than USD$15 each, landed at your door within two weeks, in most cases. It's real easy! ...

The Wiki page is here.

Yes, the design is fully open source, protected only by the TAPR license, whose main purpose is merely to help prevent anyone patenting the design as part of some derived work. You are free to produce and sell the boards, even at a profit if you like. Get rewarded for your time and efforts! That's fine.

I've now seen at least two examples of people building an entire radio for themselves -- box included -- using the v4.1 board, with gimbals and switches from some old RC set. Amazing (to me) and very cool.

I have also been encouraged to design a new board, based on a 32-bit ARM chip. I am toying with the idea of going all out with an STM32 ARM Cortex-M4, noting that is has an embedded LCD_TFT SVGA controller and runs at 180MHz, still drawing only 15mA or so for core functions. Amazing little chip! But, we shall see. I've got lots of other stuff going on -- including working directly with 2.4GHz radio chips and learning a lot as I go. Not sure what may come of that, yet.

Have fun!

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Re: Getting your own G9X PCB's made

Post by sccamp » Fri Apr 18, 2014 7:40 pm

Mine arrived today! Eleven days from order to delivery. They look good and I am looking forward to getting one populated in the next few days.

Thanks Brian.


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