How to set adjustable idle speed for a nitro heli

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How to set adjustable idle speed for a nitro heli

Post by Himilou » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:18 am

Didn't see this anywhere so I thought I'd throw out a simple way to make your idle speed adjustable through a pot with ER9x
This isn't perfect but I don't have ER9x fully figured out yet.
These settings allow you to use pot 2 to add a small amount of throttle when your throttle stick is pulled down for starting and idle speed.
Go to switches menu and create a switch ( I used SW1 ):
in the first column put v < ofs ( for when the condition is less than )
In the second column put THR ( for the condidtion to test )
In the third column put -80 ( this will make the idle speed adjustment only function at 10% or less throttle )

Now go to the mixer menu and add a mix to your throttle channel ( mine is 3 )
Source is P2
Weight is 70 ( I dont want the pot to add to much value in case I forget to check its position when I go to start the engine )
Curves are x > 0 ( this will make the pot only add some to the throttle when it is at least half way up )
Switch is the custom switch number you created above ( SW1 for me )
Multiplex is add.

Thats it. Make sure you test the behavior of the switch and your throttle cut before starting your motor ! :lol:

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Re: How to set adjustable idle speed for a nitro heli

Post by MikeB » Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:09 pm

You can of course use the throttle trim option. When ON, the throttle trim operates fully at the low end and progressively gets phased out to nothing at full throttle.

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