Mixes and curves

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Mixes and curves

Post by AlanR8 » Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:16 pm

Hi all, first post here. I flew heli's a lot about from the turn of the century until about 10 years ago. Mainly nitro, Xcell, Raptor 90 etc. All with a thing called a flybar. My first heli was a Concept 30 with a mechanical gyro!

So am wanting to get back into the game and fancy giving OpenTx a go. I am quite good with computers and logical steps. I've looked at many videos about setting up a heli and I can follow the steps. However, I have an issue.

Back in the day, we always flew with one toggle switch (flight mode) that effectively controlled the throttle curve AND the pitch curve. All the vids I've seen have pitch and throttle on separate switches. We had a separate throttle hold but everything else was on a single 3 position switch.

Can this be done on OpenTx? JR Futaba all do it that way or did. I would be surprised if it can't

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Re: Mixes and curves

Post by ThatVWguy » Mon Apr 12, 2021 2:00 pm

There are many ways to skin this cat within OpenTX. To answer your question bluntly, yes it cane be done. More depth, yes it can be done, and it can be achieved in many different ways. LOL. I'm still beginner myself and only yesterday setup my first Heli, Blade 180 CFX (the old one.. 2013 or 2014).
I did not use the FLIGHT MODES to setup my curves, rather my FLIGHT MODES I used to enable Global Variables purely to change rates.

I use Logic Switching for a 2 switch "arming" setup (I put the "hold" switch in direction then have to activate the momentary switch to turn the logic on, latch it, and hold witch in opposite direction turns it off) for the "throttle hold" and rather than setting up a new curve for throttle hold, I use that logic switch NOT true to override the throttle channel with -100 (or -130 when called for).

I have 3 "throttle curves" and 2 "pitch curves". I use 1 3-pos switch to tell it which curves to use within the pitch and throttle inputs. 1 position for lower head speed (flat line, really, you can achieve the same thing by making the channel flat (0 weight) and offset to get the same result) and a -70 to 70 pitch. this is the first throttle and pitch channel lines.
Then I made it "trickier" but simpler. Since I only use a reduced pitch and full range pitch, I only have a second line for pitch, and tell it if that switch is NOT in the first position to use the -100 to 100 pitch curve.
For throttles' second line I use the 2nd switch position to set the middle throttle curve, and for the 3rd throttle line the 3rd position of the switch for high head speed curve.

If you've followed the videos along and saw where they setup 2 switches for pitch vs head headspeed (I really haven't seen anyone do it myself..) simply assign the same switch as throttle curve to run your pitch curve selections.

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